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Luther interviewed John Xiaoge, the Dalian Procuratorate, suddenly launched a public prosecution against Guo Wengui’s political spring holding “forced trading crime”? What kind of secrets about the "Wang Jian incident" are hidden behind the thieves?

Audio Video Text Hello everyone Welcome to Luther Interview Today is 2018 7 Month 29 Day US Time Today we contacted Xiaoge to talk about why the Dalian Procuratorate suddenly launched a contraction against Guo Wengui’s political spring holding forced trading In the end, there is such a secret about the secrets of the thieves about Wang Jianshi. Let’s first let us, this little brother, give us a call to say hello. Yuan Xiao is a good man with you. Everyone knows everyone. Everyone knows everyone. I know that many viewers of that Twitter know that the most recent one is the Dalian Procuratorate. I took this Dalian Procuratorate. This is legally against Beijing Zhengquan Holdings Co., Ltd. Wuhan Bridge is Mr. Guanggui’s fifth brother, Zhao Dajian forced trading. Forced trading, everyone remembers what this forced trading means. Zhao everyone's unit of oxygen English and his useless direct press to prosecute you or 7 month 29 day author news source this specific I will not read the basic meaning is to say text Mr. Gui and Mahjong, then the minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ma Qiang, said that he also let Mahjong in order to buy

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The fake vaccine incident is really black and black, looking for Wang Qishan mysterious bodyguards, Nannan! Little brother talks about political affairs 20180729

Audio video text, fat man, I will tell you something. This is a real thing. A drug dealer has been a drug for many years. A gang has two people. One is thin. One is a fat boss. You want to be black. I never touch drugs. I am playing a world. It’s impossible for you to be fat. Isn’t it that you have nothing to do with me? This fat man is not the fat man of our family. It’s another fat man. Okay, what is it? They were arrested from this thin body when they traded drugs again. 25 kilograms of fat fat man has been found out. 40 kilogram drug boss has found out that it is not the flour that is the drug. 50 grams or more may destroy both of them. You listen to me and say that the two were first arrested. Going in, then there are related media reports that are very strange. They only report this thin thing. That is to bring 25 kilograms. This should be fat. You said that glutinous rice is over. I don’t elaborate on these days. It’s already a support for the leaders at the higher level. It’s just a major drug trafficking suspected drug trafficking case. You have to investigate and everyone thinks that there is this.

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