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[Wonderful recommendation] The insiders of the system explain how the thieves of the country can play the pirate-dividing-transfer financial game!




I am in a system and then I have also come into contact with some financial and economic aspects. It is also very accidental to contact Wengui. Then it should be just an ordinary onlookers, but slowly learn to learn from Mr. Wengui. The in-depth description of the situation and the situation I understand have some mutual confirmation. I am also some of the comrades who have been on Luther’s talk show, including the likes of the teacher, David Xiao Brother, and other elites from all walks of life. Reflecting the actual situation that I have contacted, there are mainly three links in order to help everyone understand that the first source of money is how to make money from the pockets of bankers and people through seemingly legal compliance. This public information shows that the development of HNA Group, if there is God help me, is that this god is a thief who is a thief. Wang Qishan has no public power at hand to help HNA Group develop. Let’s take a look at the place marked by the red line. The plane that came here saved the bank. There is a place where the law is illegal. So your dad said that you bought it. House, your house will go to you. Yes, the house that is coming is purple. HNA’s aircraft can be purchased from the company. The company’s table is quite a law about Shanghai’s mutual guarantees and sofas. On the course of the business class, there is a violation of the place where the deep financial regulators have issued this place. Haven’t been to this old guy, a good financial institution to send it to you? You can see it in the 90 era of the Niuhainan Qinghai government in the last century. He Yuan Haikou heavy rain 37 field autumn development rights This is not an ordinary company can get the normal way through the normal channels This is equivalent to eating employees right to put a huge cake and dear can almost say the line can not officially Fortunately, we saw this location of the Greater Yingshan Airport. Others later, this development of the West is a lot of information. It shows that HNA owns the development rights of many land in Hainan. He is the biggest background in Hainan. Thank you all. It’s clear that dizziness is OK, does it pass a reasonable consideration? People belong to the currency station and live in a very unfamiliar way. This way, the big cake will be put together with a piece of ruthlessness, and the first time real estate development screenshots are abandoning the free and the place is written to him. Is the bank deposit and barometric pressure or not will be fooled or the students who are big in the delivery, but the company that has been determined to be in violation of the norms is not able to withstand the study. I have a reporter who passed the advice of the Northwestern officials and got the gun. From the 90 era, I’ve been doing this kind of thing and haven’t got the corresponding investigation. There is a skip over this old guy. Now education is that they want to unite in front of you. This is the music that comes from the countryside. I wish you a fly in front of you. He is the man of Taobao. The legal scenery of the Buddha is illegal. There is a violation of the law. Her husband’s money has been eaten. This is not enough. My sister saw that the account of the company that received his brother is still a lot. What is the reason for learning why we can see the senseless Mr. in the sensor even 616 take medicine to eat and put on the volume to show out only the thieves their white gloves waiting for the newspaper There are so many bank accounts in the book, there are so many bank accounts, there are so many company companies controlled by Bodhisattva, but the company’s network makes us deeply say that the school’s funds are expanding. In the previous 2013 year, HNA donated 20% of the shares to the Cihang Foundation, so the gentleman was eating it. This is a lot of these assets that have been financed, and it has been given another appearance on the surface. 340 mailed to the state-controlled HNA to South Station 2017 7 month 24 Day disclosed his group equity structure. I will not repeat here. What I can see is that he is not willing to mention all the personal commitments of shareholders. It seems that the wind has gone to the room, and so on. After eating out the shareholder’s promise, they will donate to the so-called stocks before they leave today. The words of the HNA Group’s charity are simply 70. 6 had to base his pants on who his beneficiaries had changed here without a small melon species to explain that he was beaten to accept control especially long long put him this so-called The words of the individual investors hold a huge amount of equity hemoglobin called Xuan Zhao to New York's Cihang Foundation. Mr. He has not been charity before the 10 mentioned in the last year's report. He is just a private person. The last time the Foundation looked at this topic, there is an appropriate 3 link, which is how to transfer to overseas. We have a lot of mergers and acquisitions in the red standard. There are a few liberating teenagers that can attract everyone's attention. Haihongtang acquired the Reuters headquarters building and the French Tourism Group. It has to be reminiscent of Wang Jian’s knowledge. What is this the first media to put in, there is Reuters, he is going to die in France. I want to mess up a red standard place to learn the car 2016 year HNA baggage 65 1 dollars into a black up. Sogou typewriter correctly test the overseas M&A business of the week long. I want everyone to pay attention to him and the Chinese company's major companies Langzhong this context actually With my understanding of the children's group, he is overseas Wall Street to see the many economics and differences among those financial institutions. Here he and night scenes and then he does not cooperate with the festival to complete these overseas mergers under the skin XIXX year 16 dollar mergers and acquisitions acquired the British technology company Yingmai everyone interested can look at the company you sell the company he is engaged in Long is to do an IP list. This distributor is also very popular in the enterprise. China 1 year HNA increased its holdings of Deutsche Bank. This word was originally pronounced 2017%, including the little brother Tiecheng hardcover in the name of the health mentioned Hainan Airlines purchase price can be private storage and logistics business 99.92% of the equity how to reduce the information displayed in the PPT. This means that haha ​​knows that the scale of overseas mergers and acquisitions definitely exceeds the public information shows that his acquisition of HNA tastes so-called national interests This overseas layout is the flag of Chongzhou City and the banner of the interests of the country has realized the transfer of this asset.

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