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2018 7 month 22 number. Other details behind Wang Jian’s being killed! And why Li Hongkuan lost the lawsuit!




Dear comrades, this is 7 month 22 number, Wengui is on board, to comrades, when you eat breakfast
Live broadcast. Look at how the sound is (Mr. Guo Wengui adjusts the microphone). Damn! Today is 7 Month 22
No., 7 month 22 number, this is expensive, here, oh, last night was particularly exciting, especially
Move, this last night did not sleep. But very excited and very excited. This, last night, the Lord
If there was too much excitement before last night, especially, I saw Mr. Luther’s yesterday, interviewing Henry.
Little brother, Henry brother. Now this little brother can't help it.
These little brothers can't help, this is! This, one by one, the little brother, John, the little brother
Child, ah, Henry little brother, ah, this guy is awful, David brother, when he was a Marley sister,
Ah, Marley sister. Last night, many of our investors gave me contact, this about Country Garden, Country Garden.
It’s an accident, it’s really a problem. There is also a Li Yuanchao, saying that Li Yuanchao has been double-regulated, ah, lively and extraordinary.
Crowded. Hey, hey, I can see me here, the phase is very good (Mr. Guo adjusts the screen), this guy
When I look at myself, it is a bit too handsome. I am embarrassed to see myself.
Hey, don't spit, just kidding. So, this, quite lively last night, quite lively
Ah, quite lively. So, last night, this, last night, this call, more is
Economy, finance, Li Yuanchao, this is really a big event, big things, I have already said this Country Garden,
You went to Malaysia, you cooperated with Meng Jianzhu, this Mr. Yang is actually this boss.
That's good. The boss of these real estate developers is more particular, and also talks about morality.
It’s really Yang’s boss, Yang Bo, his daughter is not bad.
His daughter is very nice. But he has no way to go this way, you are in the shack of the Communist Party.
You only have one ending, no choice. So yeah, dear comrades, Country Garden, this falls, he doesn’t
It is a trillion-dollar problem, and he has problems with the entire Chinese real estate chain. Now this currency, it’s a big deal.
Value, to offset the entire loss brought about by the US trade, this is to drink and quench thirst, drink and quench thirst. Do not
It is impossible to solve the problem fundamentally. You tell me what industry in China really creates wealth, very early on my video
I said that what industry creates wealth, everyone thinks about it, industry? Agriculture? Technology? financial? No one
No, the same.
China only has a progress in aerospace, but now it has developed into wealth. It takes a while.
between. That is not a joke. Then you say the stock market, the stock market is not even more. China’s stock market is not described.
? Foreign stock markets are investments. Then, in other countries, the stock market is gambling. You are in China, that is
Hey, the stock market. Oh, you lose your body and you lose money. In the end, it’s not good, or it’s a fate. dye
Going to AIDS. Of course, it does not include the Standing Committee of Zhongnankeng.
People don't, people check their health in advance. Everyone is looking for a virgin. So yes, this one, this is not
the same. So ah comrades. So, comrades, now, this thief, this thief
Yeah, crazy. Deceit, arrogant. arrogant. It’s really what I found out, many of us really don’t know! everyone
There are feelings that are not specific and are not specific. This real estate agent, ah, real estate business. What are you playing? real estate
What is the business play? 48% to 55%, all pay taxes to the state. Taxes and fees. Then the real estate business is left
Between 20% and 30, it is basically an employee fee.
And the interest paid to the bank. even more. The profit of real estate developers will not exceed 5%. More than 5%, to
10%, 20%, what is that? It's all about playing digital games. Exceeding this 5 to 10 is not normal, in
Any country is not normal. Chinese real estate developers, one is tens of billions, hundreds of billions. Guo Wengui made a house that year.
When you are in the real estate, do you have Wanda? Have you Xu Jiayin? Do you have Country Garden? I am Guo Wengui, 91 is an annual
Real estate company. In 93, just in Zhengzhou, thousands of households were demolished. I don't have a piece of land to buy.
It is the government. In 93 China did not implement land transfer, it was an agreement transfer.
I don't buy the government. After I finished, the Zhengzhou Municipal Government, the Municipal Party Committee, and the National People's Congress all looked for me. Look at Zhengzhou City,
The building opposite the city committee is a lot of my design concept. The gate of the city government, I set it all the year.
Counted. There is a story in the selection of Mao Zedong in the building of the Zhengzhou Municipal Government, which is against the new building of the luxury building.
All. Someone took the cow to the third floor of the luxurious Zhengzhou Municipal Government at that time, and the anti-righteous Zhengzhou Xinggai luxury building
All. That is the story. He asked me to dismantle this building. Work with me.
Five or five divided. To be honest, at that time, how many in China did you understand? Engage in real estate, with the government, with soil
Land stocks. Ah, there are not a few. I refused and did not cooperate with the government. Later, the high court of Henan Province. and so
Said that only the Henan Provincial High Court, that piece of land, but also to cooperate with me. There are more people looking for me to work together. I was in the previous section
As you can see, this place in Henan has a large population and a relatively deep culture. That place is very poor, all of them are bad officials.
child. Come here to oppress the people. The government is particularly bad. The water is shallow and the king is more than eight. So my wife said at the time, this
Place, don't stay here. This is not where you stay, or you go back to Beijing.
Later, Li Keqiang’s secretary, including the later Li Changchun’s secretary, has given me a lot of projects, I
They refused. I am still developing in Beijing. What does it prove now? Who is developing in Henan? Everyone is dead. Lu Luzhan
The family of the workers, the state that Fujian came to, engaged in real estate. In the end, Henan people know it. Chen Guiyuan,
Engage in that period. I know wow. right. Go to Beijing. Then don't need to say. How many people in the country are looking for me to cooperate.
Yuda Hotel is a brand. I decided that if I decided not to engage in real estate, I would not do it anymore.
Engage in real estate, or do you collude with the official? Either you are saying, cheating the bank. You must also add beans
Rot residue project. You don't do these three things, you certainly can't make good real estate. I don't want to do these three things, huh. I
I know that it will be settled one day in the morning and evening. Forget it, pull it down, don't do it, and leave. It seems now, this is, I am going
It’s smart, it’s right to not do real estate. Don't look at those, the so-called, the rich now. Play again
Football, play this, and play that. Don't watch him jump, and finally, the people have to pull with him.
single. I have to eat some comrades (Mr. Guo prayed), (I pray for my comrades!...)
10 -20 Danica Civilization
Wengui prays...
10: 05
Pray for the comrades. So comrades, don’t envy those so rich people, don’t envy those who have money.
The tragedy and the price paid are unimaginable. Japanese rice, I can't eat this way, I won't be like this.
food. So all the comrades, you think about it, those who have money, you look at him very hot, take a special plane,
If you want to see you, you can’t see the pressure, you can’t see the thief, you have to watch the thief’s beating.
Chinese people have the power to be supervised, then you are great; financial resources, you dare to basking in the sun, then you are the light
Ming; men and women relations, not afraid of people say, then you call true love, how many? Not many.
So, comrades, remember, don’t envy those who have money, don’t envy the official, don’t envy that
The name, the actor I have seen is gone, there is a leader in the meal, and I promise not to look at the money next to you, the guy.
If you go up, you won't be able to stand it, you can't imagine it, it's more exaggerated than Zhao Benshan's sketches. in case
If you are not an official, if you have money, then whoever has money will immediately get attention to this table. This now
The hottest, the hottest, there are two or three actors, I knew her when I was very fifteen or sixteen. I said this at the time.
The child will definitely be angry, they said why, I said that you see how big the child is, her mother led her, eyes
Sweeping this table, this sweeps the eye,
I know who is important in this table, I will sit on you right away, and then I will give you a dish, then play against you, um...
Um... play tricks. Because I have eaten a few meals this time, I feel too much. She is more than me who has money.
I was a big official. At that time, Minister Ji of the General Staff of the Second Division came, um... she went up, and the result was the boss of Minister Ji.
Come, Xiong Guangkai, she went to Xiong Guangkai, and later became famous, famous. See who I saw the big guide.
Perform, see the director, see this director, see the director, can't imagine, can't imagine. This society
The deformity, is she willing? She doesn't want to, she doesn't want to do it? She has no choice, she has no choice.
13: 12 Guo Media was attacked and disconnected. The following is a small communication between Wengui and the staff.
Ok? Seems to be broken, isn't it? I am broken here, wait, etc., here is broken, here is walking, it is the net
thing. ...Return Yes ... but this effect is good. ...What's this? Well, what happened?
What is it? It was hacked. Ok? HTTP... What do you mean, wait for the next step. Eh? There is a problem. ……what!
It’s really no good, I can’t get on it, I’m a hacker, it’s a hacker, what’s going on... Absolutely hacked
It’s definitely hacked, huh! I finally shot, and I am heavy. Absolutely heavy.... It’s so funny. can
So, let's try it again.
18: 10 Turns to Instagram
Not in the middle? Come back here, come back, hahaha, oh, it’s too funny, scare them, rob
The thief, scared to death, gave Guo media black, black. Looking at it for a while, Guo Media went and then went back.
go with. Joined? Comrades, look at it? The thieves put Guo media at least more than 30 billion times.
And sexual assault, in order to black out it, oh, oh, hilarious. Correct! Wen Hao, Wen Hao Hao Wen Hao, 7596,
Egg tarts, 68IOF, 730, J70, followed Guo Shu / Qi Ge to the battlefield, thank you!
Zhengzheng, 9306 You are also hungry.
20 -30 riki text
Wengui has just changed from Guo Media to ins, and it has been blackened. This shrimp is good, the comrades are shrimp.
Ok, this shrimp is very good, this shrimp is good! it is good! This green leaf is good, eat this little tender lamb, Guo Media
It’s hacked, the frozen tofu in the northeast, the chicken frozen mushroom is my favorite, he is this Guo media, they can’t be black.
I, I did not bring the secret weapon of anti-hacking, it is a big box, our engineers said that you can’t hold a small half
When I used it for ten minutes, then I was broken. The means of stealing the thief was very bad, if we used them.
They have no room to live when dealing with our moves against them. The DOS attack is too simple, bad people.
Well, if someone on the street is hacking with a kitchen knife, it is not proof that he is a hero.
That is to prove that he is crazy, we can't do this, pork stewed noodles, I want to declare, I only love to eat the pig dish in the northeast.
The frozen pork noodles, the hacker’s head must be Wang Qishan Meng Jianzhu, the performer is Fu Zhenghua Sun Lijun, Fu
The third child is not, did you call and say, who and whose website is not hacked? Can he talk? 嚣
Zhang, is arrogant, fennel dumplings! good to eat! I have already eaten a lot! Eat a lot! ! ! (eat, wipe
Mouth) I didn’t sleep very much at night, I was so excited, everyone was asking, when did the Bank of China go wrong, Minsheng Silver?
When did the accident happen?
When did the Bank of Beijing go wrong, when did Xu Jiayin have an accident, when did Ma Yun have an accident, Ma Huateng’s time
Something happened, I said that before wearing everything on the Eighth Route Army clothes on Jinggangshan, I can’t help, I tell you, all
Comrades, all who go there, there are ghosts in my heart. When I was a child, I lost a chicken in the northeast and lost a duck. That person is there.
The village entrance opened, who stole my chicken, who stole my duck! When you shout, you can rest assured that everything is standing in front and asking for cold.
Warm, your chicken is lost, the duck is lost, oh, I saw it yesterday, it must have been stolen by one of them.
(The waiter sent me to eat) OMG, everyone look, my favorite duck! ! !
My favorite duck, what? Thank you, give me some, all rushing in front of the cold
It’s a guilty conscience, and all the crimes go to the crime scene to prove that they are not guilty. They ran to Jinggangshan to do it, with you.
What is the relationship? It’s better to be a relative than a party! Those who said this were arrested. Who said it first? Everyone remembers
What, who said first, Mr. Xi’s dearest person, Liu Zhidan, Liu Zhidan was miserable by Chairman Mao? Killing
Now! When I was young, I remembered that Daqing in Industrial Science, Dazhai in Agriculture, ah~ What is great for you, oh, where
It’s all about being deceiving. The people who wrote this didn’t end well, so the comrades (who ate a duck)
I have a staff member) I have to put it in his mouth,
You have to see this scene may think that I am gay, not, caring for others, loving others, just loving myself,
You don't give love, no one gives you love, so ah, everyone sees it, so these people ran to Jinggangshan
Go, the end will be very miserable, you see the stock market, are down, my Founder stock is up, now all signed with me
The countries that made the agreement are crazy, Mr. Guo, we give you big money, because what is tender, not buying stocks
Before the ticket, they are all people who buy it with me, then buy it, then make a lot of money, don’t make it.
OK, I am embarrassed, now all the shorts make big money, people make money immediately, not like we love
Save, some buy a house, buy a farm,
(Drinking water) Ah, let me talk about Henry, ah! Li sweet potato, I just saw a lot of comrades and I said
Li Hongkuan made a push, said this, the lawsuit lost, this cooked, and then with 500 million dollars, 7
I decided at the beginning of the month, and then, this, I have to donate again, and said that I forged his signature, (meal)哎
Yeah, my mom, delicious! It’s especially good, Li Hongkuan’s push, I glanced at it, I never looked at them.
Some people, some people are very perverted, others are jealous of you, you listen, you are angry, listen to you, just
You are too embarrassed, these people, I know deeply that like Li Hongkuan’s other mothers, God will give you retribution,
The mother of Li Hongkuan and his sisters and sisters were shackled and slept in the next life. He is doing too much evil, Li Hongkuan first
Health, the slang you brought to your mother and your sister, it’s really awkward, rumor, look at his push,
He said that 7 lost the lawsuit at the beginning of the month, saying that Guo Wengui forged his signature, (a new chef looks good), I heard that it is a female chef.
Teacher, German, the last chef let me fire, no!
30-40 Xiao Liyang
Then I said that I pretended to sign him (Li Hongkuan), and then he said that I want to raise money, 500 million dollars. I want to tell
Comrades, first, I told you in the video a month ago, there are several lawsuits, we won, detailed
I didn't say anything fine. Anything that wins, I don't want to say it. I won should be because I never did it.
After a bad thing, I said it must be embarrassing. I want to cry to my comrades. Now, you are like a lot of that, like
Caixin company came to sue me, and went back. Now only Hu Shuli personally told me, like what pa, called
Do the Taiping Alliance,
The fund controlled by Hainan Airlines had to investigate and seal my house for the first two days, and the judge gave the sentence and lost it. then
Our lawsuit went on. There are two other, unpublished, the judge directly kicked back, probably five or six
The case has won, and there are four cases. It is the beginning, and these thieves have also won. But I don't want
Say, let’s talk about it publicly. At the end of 6, my team of lawyers told me that Li Hongkuan’s case is ours.
Winning, then, 500 million dollars must be lost. I think these are all small things, oh
Focus on combating thieves and thieves and thieves are all small things.
Then Li Hongkuan said that I forged his signature. In the United States, if you dare to spoof someone else’s signature, it’s really looking for death.
It is tantamount to suicide. Everyone is going to check the forgery of someone else’s signature. This document is sentenced for many years. You are staying in 20 for more than a year.
Go to the prison. If you make false certificates and deceive the government, it is really 20 years or more, 20 started, and faked in China.
Yeah, he is not guilty. You look at the fake vaccine in these two days. You said that the bad is not bad, the fake vaccine dare to do, why?
False milk powder, fake medicine, fake food, fake everywhere? Because none of the people in Zhongnankeng are real, they are all fake.
All lie, but in the United States you dare to fake,
That is a great crime, far more than killing. In the United States, this crime is quite serious. If I pretend to be Li Hongkuan’s signature.
Word, can my lawyer do it? I have six internal lawyers, and my lawyer team has more than a dozen people. What can they do?
For me to top this mine? So look at Li Hongkuan’s person, send a donation, let’s see what the person is lying about.
Degree, he even dared to raise funds for this reason, and then said that he lost 500 million, 500 million, and has not yet decided,
But the case has already been judged to have lost him. Hey, then it will limit all his speeches, and then the court will
Li Hongkuan’s credit network issued a legal red alert.
This person will not be able to move in the future. We have two other criminal actions, and now I am based on his domestic marriage notice.
The woman who deceived her name has already started for him in criminal matters, including his deception of money. As a result, he actually
Fundraising in the name of this, do you say that there is such a thing under the sun? Comrades. Hey, he is not saying this.
Is 500 million fundraising? I cancel it. Hey, you give me the one who is responsible for the team of lawyers in our team.
The phone, see if he woke up? Li Hongkuan, you remember, you are not going to raise money in the name of 500 million?
I will cancel the 500 million now, I think you will not raise donations.
Hey, Li Hongkuan, it’s not that this case has lost you, and the next nightmare has just begun. Call through
Guo Wengui: "Hey, Yan Ping, I told you about Li Hongkuan’s case. Li Hongkuan made a push on Twitter.
Wen, saying that his lawsuit lost, he had to pay 500 million, and said that I pretended to sign him. "Wang Yanping: "This is not a nonsense."
Eight? "Guo Wengui: "You keep her tweet and provide it to the judge immediately." You give this right away
The lawyer sent an EMAIL, first sent an email and then called to inform our team of lawyers about the 500 of Li Hongkuan.
The 10,000-dollar claim was cancelled, suspended, and suspended. "Wang Yanping: "Don't cancel it, I am already finished here."
"Guo Wengui: "He doesn't have that 500 million dollars."
Wang Yanping: "This is the goal of the legal team on our side. They will win soon. Do you still have to stop?" Guo Wen
Expensive: "Li Hongkuan is now holding a fundraiser and cheating his comrades. Our sisters have been cheated. You let him pause first.
Cancel it, you should first take the time of his two criminal cases, the key is to let this kid be criminally punished.
Penalties, economic punishment is not our purpose. "Li Hongkuan, you remember, your nightmare is really just beginning. Li
Hong Kuan, don’t you think that your secret, I don’t know, I don’t say, just like this time, I don’t say it, you don’t say me.
Did not say. There is also the bragging, blowing the wolf egg, saying that I broke the news this year is a chicken feather?
And the roasting body every day, I forgot the name, wait, and that Yuan Jianbin, sued this day.
I’m suing that, the money you’re paying for, and who you are going to sue. And Wei Wei, Yan Nuo, you go
Look. By the way, the account money of a state in Wei Wei has just turned away. Wei Wei, you think that you are turning the money away, others will not
Do you understand? Connaught, do you think the US government is so stupid? What are you doing with such a background?
child. There are also Xia Yeliang, Huang Hebian, Li Yiping, and Lai Jianping, Xie Jiansheng, Zheng Jiepu, and walked to see.
Li Hongkuan, I will tell you again, Guo Wengui said,
Put all the news and audio of the future, the right to publish, the copyright, the intellectual property, everything, will be put in the future
A Himalayan fund (tentatively), all of whom are publicly elected by their comrades, have the final say, and are managed by their comrades.
Reason, no one can touch,
40-50 can afford
Wengui: It is for the overseas and domestic comrades who have encountered judicial sanctions and encountered thieves to help them.
Generations of generations, generations! Anyone who wants to take advantage of this concept is in vain. Anyone who raises money, as long as
It is for you, including your lawsuits - it's all deceptive, it's all deceptive, never allowed! As long as you use
In the name of Guo Wengui and breaking the news, I was smothered with me - I will sue you! what! If you don't believe, try it.
Then Guo Baosheng will mention it, you will wait! Guo Baosheng, this rotten person, the evidence provided to me in China, and you
Do evil, just wait! You are in trouble.
Qu Long, he is definitely finished! Qu Long and Wang Jian are the same. Think about it! Dong Wei (He) of Hebei is rising ---
(Yes) Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, (and) the president of the High Court used him to bite me. Can Qu Long go abroad? Going abroad -
- Foreigners have arrested him. To understand this situation, he can only be at home. In the country, he is alive.
It is a threat to these people. Bite Guo Wengui's - if you don't finish the bite, can you have a good end? Do not
Maybe, hey! Qu Long that little rotten boy, he does not know the height of the sky.
You went to jail and let you stay for six and a half years. You still can't make you want to understand. It turns out that my family goes to see you every day and says you
Look at the Buddha book. I am really moved. I think this kid has learned well, no longer swindling and cheating, no longer playing with the black club.
Yes. I can find a way to help write a letter, how can I help him? In the economy. Ugh! Released -
- bite, come back, play cross, and play black! I thought you said the world! Play again
The child swindled and swindled, and made bribes and bribes. You kid, just your virtue, you made it.
OK, hey! My mom! Look for you to die.
In the future, the money won by the lawsuit and the money won will be put in Guo’s comrade-in-arms fund. There will be a lot, you can rest assured -
- There will be a lot. I can tell you, at least there are four or five now, we are sure, let him get it.
(claim him) is more than five million dollars. Including the American, who is talking to Wu Zheng.
That one. I have (he) $100 million - we claim. He has money and will never withdraw (prosecution). Shout
✘✘ (English name) 谣 谣! - With that Wu Zhengyu! The domestic political and legal committee and the public security sector are brewing
A revolution, see who is advanced (prison) to go! So, Li Hongkuan’s thing, you’re cheating again.
Oh! Ok! Everyone has seen it.
Next, I want to talk to you. Yesterday I was very excited and the pot was fried again in the country. Yesterday, Luther first
Student interviewed that - called Henry brother! ! This Henry brother, Henry brother. Yesterday, our festival
The purpose is to go to social media and social media since the revolutionary revolution. Appear on this social media -
- A very important person, very important! This important person! I think Henry, he is -
- I think he is a real person who really understands the inner workings of the Communist Party. like me,
I am not an insider, but I have been lurking and lurking. So ah!
He is very important and very important. Because, he said (speaking), I know, is he staying inside?
Over. Many of our past comrades broke the news, and few people have been in the real core and inside. Or, you really
I saw it positively - the real secret in the core. Look, he said that Jiang Zemin’s family, Jiang Zemin’s family
Behind it is the former residence of Chairman Mao. There is a garden between the former residence of Chairman Mao and the one (Jiangjia).
There is a dark hole that is (passing) to the underpass. In fact, he (Henry Brother) is the 1990s.
When I first left, it changed a lot.
Now, Mr. Xi Jinping lives in the former residence of Chairman Mao, and the former residence of Chairman Mao is given (renovation). He went to live. that
A "hole"! It’s blocked now, no more! However, after Mao Zedong’s death, it was from that hole.
Let go. Take out the intestines in your stomach below, then
Give it a mercury, ah! Turning the body into a "dry body" is in that place.
The Chairman Mao’s swimming pool, yesterday, Mr. Luther, he did not understand the map of Zhongnanhai. Central South Haiti
FIG ah! When you look at the camera, go north and south. The top of it (Zhongnanhai) is the north side, (there is) north
The gate is the west gate to the west, the Xinhua Gate to the south, and the east gate to the east. However, the East Gate - yesterday Henry Jr.
Brother is right, you can't cross it, because the east is "sea"! Zhongnanhai. Zuo Qinglong, Qinglong needs
It needs water, so it gets water. Right white tiger, it looks high on the right side of the building. Ning makes the Qinglong high,
Don't let White Tiger be taller. The Green Dragon (east) is the Forbidden City, then the Heroes Monument, and a Xinhua
door. Both are high on the right. Then, his "sea" is on the left, he can't get through. So, "the sea"
The east gate (outside) is already outside the "sea".
However, that piece is the home of Hu Yaobang, the courtyards of the Central Guard Bureau, and the courtyards of the Authority.
So the most important thing is where the central leadership often goes! It is the person in the so-called "Central South Pit".
Ximen in the South China Sea. Sometimes - when it is official (activities), it is the South Gate - Xinhuamen. That west
Door, you look at the (land) map, up north and south, north is the north gate, south is Xinhuamen, and the left is the west gate.
As soon as Ximen entered, the car went east, turned left - all the State Council, turned to the right - all the Secretariat,
It is the middle office. This is what the people in the Zhongnan Sea say in the jargon - "Northern Children" and "Southern Court"
"Children who are staying in the "sea" never say "Zhongnanhai". Say "Southern Garden Children" - that is
The general secretary said that it was Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping now. "Northern Garden Children" - what was said in the past
Wen Jiabao, who is now talking about Li Keqiang. what! "Northern Children's", "Southern Court Children". The most important thing is that
Where the central leadership often goes! It is the person in the so-called "Central South Pit" who walks through the West Gate of Zhongnanhai. sometimes
- When the official (activities), the South Gate - Xinhuamen. That Simon, you are on the map
At first glance, the north is north, the north is the north gate, the south is the Xinhua gate, and the left is the west gate.
As soon as Ximen entered, the car went east, turned left - all the State Council, turned to the right - all the Secretariat,
It is the middle office. This is what the people in the Zhongnan Sea say in the jargon - "Northern Children" and "Southern Court"
"Children who are staying in the "sea" never say "Zhongnanhai". Say "Southern Garden Children" - that is
The general secretary said that it was Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping now. "Northern Garden Children" - what was said in the past
Wen Jiabao, who is now talking about Li Keqiang. what! "Northern Children's", "Southern Court Children". This Central Commission for Discipline Inspection
On the other hand, it is also divided into "Southern Garden Children" and "Northern Court Children". "Northern Garden Children" is the official garden on Ping An Avenue.
——The Central Disciplinary Committee Building of Jiang Qing’s official garden. It was given by Liu Zhihua. "Southern Garden Children" is the Ministry of Supervision.
This is also called "Northern Court Children" and "Southern Court Children."
so! Comrades, this Henry brother said very accurately. Well, after two days, I will take that yard.
Son, every yard is hung up (online).
Most of the yards were completed in the period of You Xigui, and 80% of them were Yuxi Guigan (hosting the transformation).
South China Sea (the yard). When I saw You Xigui in Zhongnanhai, You Xigui loved to say a word - I am this
How about the garden! How is the garden of my house? - His home, hehe! Because he is doing it (the Lord)
Renovation). In all the gardens - almost 100%, you can complete (renovation) with 8%
ten. Later! Let the plan come, let the plan be managed, and let the plan feed the cat there every day, and also complete it.
Made a lot. After that, he changed many people of You Xigui, at this point - just to see, let
The plan is not a leader. What do you say you are fighting for? It’s all Chinese people, and Hebei’s people are doing bad things.
You are not replaced by your Shanxi people? Isn't the Shanxi people doing the Chinese (dry)? what's the result? Knot
It is in this small matter, the knife that is especially happy every day.
However, yesterday, the little brother said yes, Henry brother (say) - can you change these people? That is not
possible. If these people want to move a knife with you, a (Zhongnanhai) waiter can kill you.
Chinese political power - as long as the people understand, I can tell you that there is no need for a hundred troops at all.
)), every day, shouting resonance
50-60 wind
Every day, I am eager to have a knife. But yesterday, the little brother was right, Henry said: You can change this person.
? That is impossible. These people want to give you a knife, and a waiter will kill you. Chinese regime, only
Let the people understand that I can tell you that you don’t need any troops at all. Everything that is said every day
Vibrate, engage in the national uprising, in the history of China, you check for me, which emperor was pushed out by the national uprising? special
Since the Communist Party, the central leader (no) has been internally rebellious to kill it? There is one, there is an old
Did the people rebel to get rid of it? All are internal. As long as he holds the gun, there is no possibility that you will kill him;
One possibility of exception is murder. what! The insider is really an aunt, I told you, took it.
He was killed by the gun, because he could not prevent it. Precaution is - you don't watch movies, you see that they are all
Very lax.
Yesterday, the little brother said something very important: no guns, no fire in Zhongnanhai, no dare to have a gun. What the Communist Party is most afraid of is not
We are not the United States, nor the US imperialism. The most feared are the people around us! The most feared is that the party members are high.
official. The most feared is the person he sees every day, and then the people who are afraid. what! What they are most afraid of is the one around them.
People; the ones who don’t believe the most are those who go to bed with him every day; the most untrustworthy are those who live together every day;
What he wants to kill most is the person he sees the most every day. This is Zhongnankeng, this is the evil organization! This
That's all, then what guns are there in him? No guns!
(Look at the screen) 59448. So, dear comrades, why is this saying Zhongnankeng, Utopia, Communist?
The party is an evil organization. No one is safe. No one is real. So say yesterday Heng
Li Xiaoge spoke of the core secret of Zhongnanhai. All the leaders of Zhongnanhai went out at night and they had nothing.
What kind of shame, family and father, they don’t have this statement. I have seen too much, that is, engaging in women, during the day.
Engage in materials and engage women at night. (brackets) Engage in materials is to make fake materials, ah, fake materials, lie to the party to deceive people
people. Engage in materials during the day, engage in women at night, wake up and frame people, then take a nap at noon and get some money.
Engage in money, and then engage in relationships during this dinner. This is the life of leadership, engaging in relationships, engaging in money, engaging in materials, and engaging in
Women, nothing - they are in life.
Because of their decades of politics, they have not been able to compare their IQ and EQ with ordinary people after Zhongnankeng. Howl
Can it compare? The whole person is stupid, both tools. He doesn't have a brain, wake up 5 every day to 10 minutes you
Look at the arrangement: go to the point to engage in women, and get some materials. Sitting there for a meeting - ah, the camera came to the right,
Ka. . . Write, the camera goes, then lie down there, ah, then there, who speaks and then says a few words, forever
Do not make mistakes. Finally, everyone finished the meeting, then privately bite the ears and sleeves, do a small transaction; then
Dinner to engage in relationships, the interests of the middle. By the end of the week, everyone hooked up and hooked up this week’s relationship.
Got it, then some people go out, as he said, just go out one by one, go to the field to do two
Tens, that's too easy too easy! Now any secretary of the Standing Committee says that it is absolutely necessary to fly to the field.
One or two hundred million are like playing, and you don’t have to say it. Say me, I have a project, you have two projects, then you跪
If you ask for it, the middlemen will have a hundred yuan. what! The highest prostitute, the highest prostitute is in the south
Pit, political prostitute, this country prostitute is in Zhongnankeng.
Yesterday, Henry said it was right! The mummy next to his niece is the guard next to him, bodyguard, secretary
Machine, it’s all right! This is this, because I don’t want to say those people around the long committee, I know too.
too much. I will tell you one of the easiest, one secretary of a standing committee, and he has been with 20 for a few years, I know
He has been for many years. Every time he went to this hotel, I stayed for one night, he left when he left.
- The next day, at least 3 to 4 vans will take his things back to Beijing. Not once without this
Kind of! That 3, 4 van Lila is definitely not a watermelon, not a potato, except for antiques.
It is cash. He took it away.
This time, I saw this, oh, the local provincial party secretary and the deputy governor, I heard that he came.
That nervousness will not work. Look for me: Can you arrange me? He didn't see him. He couldn't see me. When eating breakfast
I will say hello to his head. I said: He lives here, we never bother him, I said that we are engaged in wine.
The store can't get it. He said that only you can go up, you can say a few words. No way, we are in the local area, I have to
Listen to him. I went up and said, "Who is going to see you?" (Secretary said) Call him to come! You said that layer
It is a presidential suite, specializing in a restaurant for the Presidential Suite, which is great.
Then I called and brought the person up. At this time - when he came up and I wanted to go, I was dumbfounded. Wow
Thio! These two people! That guy, holding the squatting, next to the two people, I thought it was all money.
Yes? After a few hours, I borrowed a car from us. Later, our colleague told me that it’s all that
What is it, what kind of golden horse car is the Qin Dynasty? Golden carriage, golden carriage. There is another one that is called
Twelve, what twelve zodiac signs, what is the opposite, oh, we saw, too beautiful! That's it! He is real
After he finished the game, he forgot, and he did not remember. I have seen too much.
The "three doors" that I said to Henry brother yesterday, Henry brother did not react. "Three doors" in Central South
Haibei Gate, in the southeast direction, on the north side of the bridge in Zhongnanhai. "Three doors" on the left side of the door is now a
Restaurant: What is called "ding xuan", I forgot. On the right is the guard room. Going deep inside, actually the year
The Office of the Military Commissioner is there, the Cultural Revolution and the "Gang of Four" planning are all there. General Staff II
Department, three, intelligence gathering is there - "three doors", and later the Bayi Building. Then yesterday
Henry also said that he actually left in the 90 era. The real thing is the reconstruction of Zhongnanhai.
After that, the underground road below is called the Eight Great Departments of the Beijing Military Region.
It is now directly at the top eight places you look at the mountains. Beijing Chang’an Street has a peak to the west, called Dingdu Peak. Dingdufeng
Ah, Changan Street, you will see a peak. When Zhu Xi wanted to build Beijing, he used this west side.
Chang'an Street, which is pulled down by the peak, is called Dingdu Peak. East and West Chang'an Street, north and south central axis road. The north side of the central axis is now
On Changping Mountain, it is called Tianlong Mountain. Tianlong Mountain is called Tianchen Mountain and is called Tianlong Peak. The side of the central axis is called the sky.
It is the bird's nest, and the right is Kun, the water cube. Tianyuan place, Qiankun two emperors.
Mao Zedong’s coffin is in the middle of the central axis, then the heroic monument is in the middle, and the Zhongnankeng is on the right.
Why are you on the right side of the South Pit? that power! Zuo Qinglong is wealth, right white tiger, the most southeast corner of Beijing city is
Today's (can't hear), you can build endless high-rise buildings. On the west side, there is no tall building in the west of the central axis, not allowed.
Cover because of power! This is not the peak of the people, it is as simple as that. The only tall building in the west of Beijing’s central axis road is called
what? Pangu Grand View! Hahaha!
Therefore, the secret of the South China Sea in Beijing is completely superstitious! The Communist Party does not let us believe in superstition, it believes!
It allows you to believe it, "the mother is not as good as the party", "who is not as great as the party is great" and "the party is the god."
So yesterday, Henry’s little brother told Zhongnanhai that it was small and not big. The State Council on the left, the secretary on the right. Inside the yard
Do you dry every day? Can anyone who works in Zhongnanhai stare at them every day? Can't do it. Zhongnan Haili
Anyone can change the destiny of China!
1:00:00- 1:18:38 天亮了
Can people who work in Zhongnanhai stare at them every day? Can’t do it! Anyone in Zhongnanhai can change China’s
Destiny! Any one!
People who have entered Zhongnanhai, his brain is not normal, except for the whole person, the whole material, the money, the woman, basically
He doesn't speak people, he doesn't do anything. 90% of the time is doing this every day. So at that time, Henry.
The younger brother did not say that he went to Zhongnanhai. There are also few Beijing cities. In recent years, they have been monopolized by Wang Qishan and Meng Jianzhu.
It is. When Beijing was in the middle of the year, it was called the card of the A card of the military card, Zhongnanhai, and the cow; then, the 02 of 03
The different departments of the ah; then ah ah B ah various military areas. There is also an encryption card, which is generally a secret card.
People don't know. You are now Beijing Jing AG. This is the card of the Standing Committee. It turned out to be Beijing A88.
Card. This ministerial card occasionally uses Beijing AG.
So these privileges are very important. In addition, there was a police card and a red guard. Warning card
They were all broken by the ministry at that time. If they entered the Ministry of Public Security, they would enter the Zhongnanhai. Add one next to it
What? Special, the special passage is the Ministry of Security. Later, there was a special time in Zhongnanhai.
Certificate, different meetings have special passes, just put this in front of the car, put a police light in front of the window, you
Where do you want to go, love to dry up, you say that pulling this Ying Na Ying, you pull no one cares you! Want to enter Zhongnanhai
Just enter Zhongnanhai.
So comrades, I heard Henry, who is talking about the leaders he saw as ordinary people. Hear Henry Brother
I can't do anything that I can't do when I go out. He doesn't dare to do what you can't imagine. All the collars I have seen
The guides want virgins, they all look for virgins, and they are perverted when they play, and they play with their virgin sisters.
The virgin mother. It’s all virtues!
An entertainment boss in Hong Kong, a bunch of stars, just play the mother's mother, the sisters of others, and now live well.
He found a bunch of virgins for a leader. The leading secretary told me personally, he said that this buddy got it for me.
Taking care, why is it so rampant in Hong Kong? He said that the net is to find a virgin for the leader, but also to find a foreign country, this should be played. Place
It is something you can't imagine with the bad things they can do. Yesterday, I was not surprised. I was surprised that there was one: Feng
Sister has also entered Zhongnanhai! I don't know, haha. This is a little scary.
So the bosses in Hong Kong are simply. The secretary of a standing committee followed the Standing Committee 31, and he said that our heads
It was broken by him. Old to give us the head of the virgin, often engage, the leadership is engaged in metamorphosis. He can't work
Ah, he can't move! What are you doing? Just eat that medicine. This is because there are too many kinds of remedies for China, too.
too much.
This tells you the truth, it’s not too shameful. I tried it once. I drank the one that he brought to the head.
One medicine, I have eaten once, drinking too much. I said, let me take a drink, let me see how, my body is really not
OK, but not three seconds! I will try it. I took a quarter of that vial, even a quarter.
Not all, my mother! Don't mention it, I can't describe it, it's hot, and the little belly is like a top thunder.
I can't stand it anymore, you know what it means! I dare not stand up, old. But I have to
Go home! This is going home to explain this! No way, go home and my wife said, I said what I just drank.
medicine. This is mad at my wife! Don't mention it, it really wasn't for me for more than a month, and I didn't take care of me for more than a month.
That medicine... wow! That medicine is also amazing! That medicine is not possible... too fast! Drink it for a while!
Bang! This little belly, deng! Just like this, it’s hot, then the more you touch this little belly, the more
hard! Then the heat is hot, and then it's hot and hot, then it won't work, and the pants will make holes quickly.
Out. that's it. The key question, by ten o'clock the next morning, you only have to go to the bathroom and come again.
Now, the bathroom is here, my god, it is too scary! You can't go to the bathroom, you can't touch it.
So I am ignoring how old the central leadership is. But can he be physically good? Hey, everyone lives a hundred.
Aged, ninety years old. why? The liver is broken and the liver is broken. The kidney is broken and the kidney is changed. One more, there are a bunch of evil doors
trick. The medical treatment of a country is the medical department, the central office, the management office, and the service office.
It is. You need to give you a hard medicine when you are hard, and you need to give you medicine when you sleep. Why are you not good?
Give it up. How many people have changed their livers desperately, and they have to change the liver of their son's aunt. so
To what extent this system is evil is unimaginable to the whole world in the West!
And the drug, the guard said it was natural. I found something from Tibet, and there is Cordyceps anyway. What else?
The animals are extracted. Very scary! I hope your comrades do not want to use that kind of thing, you used that thing for you.
If you don't have a medical kit, you are looking for death! is not it? You are like stepping on the throttle of the car, stepping on the fryer
Yes, isn't it? That's not the case. Everyone has all kinds of auxiliary facilities!
One more, I felt very good about the one that Henry’s brother said yesterday. The Chinese army can’t fight, and it’s impossible to fight.
Absolutely can't fight! I have been to a unit in Furukawa, Hebei. When I arrived at Furun, I was in that army.
In a few days. I used to go there decades ago and then went there again. I tell you, my feelings are too deep.
It is. Henry’s brother said yes, he treated the soldier as a soldier!
Every day, the leader will give you a brainwashing lie and give the child a slap in the face. Rural children have no culture, most of them
The elementary school culture junior high school culture was given to it at once. Some people have a high school culture above junior high school, like Wengui.
Kind, cultural (laughs), junior high school has not graduated for a few months, some people may feel wrong, plus
There are now social media and only children. That is the dripping wax, the penalty station, the black house, the hungry...
Grind you.
In another army, all gifts are sent. When the soldiers go home to visit relatives, they must give their own squad leader.
The platoon leader has given gifts. Then I usually have to give money, but I have to eat and drink. So this is terrible, terrible.
Now! How can you fight? What are you playing? Everyone saw that our troops were party troops. It was not the National Defense Force.
There is a strong will to protect the country. He doesn't know who's home. Whose home is he guaranteed? Wang Bao
He does not know the home of Meng Jianzhu, the home of the mountain? He knows who is the country? For Wang Qishan Meng Jianzhu Fu Zhen
The country of Hua Sun Lijun. So of course he is not guaranteed! How to fight? impossible!
At that time, my father, a classmate, was a lieutenant at the time. As a result, when I went, one of my guards followed.
A guard and driver next to Lieutenant General met. The result is probably in the 2006 year after a few years, Liu Zhihua was arrested.
That year, I found that the guards who left were simply not working! Driving a Land Rover, but also bought a mansion, the cow can not
It is. I said how the money came from this kid? How do you get it? Later, I learned that going back to the Northeast is a special job.
Give people the right to be a soldier, and then go to the army to give people money, help people get their jobs and get money, pull the pimp. On this collar
The guiding guards will do this with him. He has made a fortune, and you think that the leadership is so powerful!
So comrades-in-arms, can this system be corrupt as a soldier? What a soldier! Once I went to Xinjiang,
The local past looked at me as an armed police. One of the armed police officers, I am sorry I can’t say the name of the family.
People can't help, go see me. I also finished reading. After the trip, I have to go the next morning. I am stupid.
The two gates of the door are armed with a large jade, so large (the hand is bigger than the head), the whole piece of jade, so big,
Hetian jade is so big, how much do you think about it? Then there are a few small ones,
Then there is a painting next to it, and there is a pocket next to it. I mean what this means, is this? He said, Mr. Guo
I know that you are here, nothing else, this game should be given to you. I said that this pocket should be played? He said cash, one
Point cash. I was anxious with him at the time. I said what do you mean by giving me these things? I am more than you! you
How can I give this thing to me? As a result, he was anxious: What did you wear with me? Mr. Guo, you pretend, you are all friends.
Friends have received you for a few days, how are you doing this? Your fellow, my fellow is my head, how is it... I really
I was anxious with him.
Seeing that I am really anxious, this buddy gave me a sentence, he said that if you Guo Wengui is such a person, I admire you,
I saw God! If you pretend to me, Guo Wengui will give me this less! Take things away. Later this person
After about a year, I went to Beijing and we met once again. Later, he said that I am really sorry. At that time, I really understood it.
It is. I said that it is useless to give me this set. I am more than you, and I don't need it. But you can see it on this matter.
Come, an official in Xinjiang, a soldier, the armed police soldier called the gold army, then Liu Yuanguan, you go
Think about what happened to him at the time? Think about it! Give it to the leader! Think about it.
So comrades, what did Henry’s brother accept yesterday’s interview with Luther? The real Zhongnankeng system
The people who came out told you that Wengui’s broke the news is not a nonsense, not a nonsense, but it’s a matter of seeing and seeing it.
Experienced. Why do I know that the thieves are terrible, the thieves I said, the comrades who are interested in you
It doesn't matter at all. Yesterday, Henry’s little brother said that the point was right, it’s not a problem at all. These thieves simply don’t know
If you have something to do, you said that you still slept with a star, what kind of illegitimate children, no one feels abnormal, because every
Everyone is like this. The sad and sad thing is that the people think this is incredible, and the tragedy is here. what
Darkness? The darkest thing is that you are in the dark, you don’t know the darkness, and you live for the dark.
Acura for the dark. This is really terrible.
Why do I say that Xinjiang people have so far, so many Xinjiang people and Tibetans have several people who can take Xinjiang and Tibet.
The truth is given out? What is the use of your light protests? The Xinjiang people have been murdered! Everyone to Beijing night
I will go there, you will go to an unannounced visit. There are Xinjiang women, Xinjiang girls, Xinjiang virgins everywhere, and the whole country is everywhere.
All. Too normal! Which person does not engage in a few women in Xinjiang? This is their terrible place. All comrades
We, they only have the bad things you can't imagine, there is nothing you can do.
So comrades, yesterday, Henry's little brother broke the news too important, too important! Henry brother broke the news for you
It is much more uncomfortable to know that Zhongnanhai bodyguards are closest to the Standing Committee. People in Zhongnanhai are jokingly saying that the most painful thing is
It is a bodyguard in Zhongnanhai. People are handsome, young, good, and good kidneys, but with the old comrades, old
Comrades engage in women every day, engage in virginity, engage in money, and be respected by thousands of people. You said that he is much more painful
Ah, how painful! Right? The most terrible thing is this. You said those bodyguards are suffering. Yesterday
Henry's little brother is very bullish and came out. But can he not come out? In Zhongnanhai, I’m still leading around every day, watching
Leaders play virgins every day. He is not your family who plays virgins, but I don’t know how to play in your house one day.
Many years ago, a classmate of mine was a bodyguard in Zhongnanhai. I went to see him at the time, I took two loves.
Ma Shi’s silk scarf is for his wife. It’s been for many years. In the past eight years, the Chinese didn’t know love at the time.
Ma Shi. Not nine years, 92 year, I just came out at that time, when the chairman of Xia Ping has become mine.
Partner. His wife saw it, she said, hey, big brother, how do you give me this? Our heads are inside the house.
Use this all, this is Hermes. When did the name Hermes start? It was 1992, it was us.
The chairman of Xia Ping started, called Hermes Hermes. The first store Wangfu branch was opened for me, at the time
The store is only available on the Hong Kong peninsula, and the entire Asian Hermes is brought to Asia by our Hong Kong partners. she was
It is the founder of Hermès Asia, so she is the highest honor medal in France.
I am very surprised, I said that you still know this, you are amazing! The result of my classmate’s wife said that our heads are at home.
This play should be, people and children come back from France to bring this thing.
Another time I went to eat with him, I brought a French jewelry Van Cleef, the best. At that time because
Van Cleef gave me two or three diamond watches, I lost a piece in the bathroom, and the other one was given to Zhu Shimao.
I forgot to give another one. I will give his wife another one, and his wife will see it, oh, this is
Van Cleef of France. She said that many of these things are in our heads. I said this is hard
Therefore, Zhongnanhai is the best in the world. The water that I drink at home is all special. That year was 2006 Year
The bottom of the South China Sea...
The second paragraph HD. 7 month 22 number. 2018 About Zhongnanhai bodyguards broke the news! Proof of Central South
The pits, and their army are vulnerable! The whole country is a cruel fact that was kidnapped by a bunch of scammers!

0-15 Guo Butterfly
Dear comrades, some of the facts and systems in Zhongnanhai, don’t think about sex scandals.
Playing with a woman, yesterday, Henry said, in their life, this is not in the calculation range, and he
I spoke one, I especially admire, he is the insider of the system, how do you think that Wang Jian was photographed dead, being murdered, he
Why are we doing so rough, so stupid, I think Henry’s little brother thinks about the core weight without thinking about it.
Point, they don’t think that Mr. Wang Jian’s death is a thing, he kills every day, the unknown Xinjiang people, Tibet
People, opponents, insiders of domestic bosses, insiders of leaders, or knowing that the boss is killing, like Qu Long
This has been used, more went, often kill, he never dreamed of a Guo Wengui called him juice, this
It is the essence, I was very impressed by the little brother yesterday.
There is no reason for God, no reason for being tall, it is as simple as this – arrogant, dear comrades,
This system makes them crazy, it is hard to imagine.
These two days, it is true that the domestic political environment has changed, very large. Some words I can’t say, I can feel the domestic
The officials have no hope, they know that they will be liquidated one day, they will be replaced, they want to live every day.
To be a bridegroom, it’s hard to live in a night room, because the domestic environment is one, it’s a scream, it’s 啥
It’s all mine, yours is mine, mine is mine, you are mine, no one wants tonight after this one
When the night is the groom, it is all played by others.
Today, this is a domestic day, which is interesting, including a small number of parades in Hong Kong yesterday.
Put Xi Jinping’s photos on the ground, all of which are large-scale, not small, including vaccine incidents.
Not a joke.
Then Liu Tezuo, I heard that Meng Jianzhu, Sun Lijun, and Fu Zhenghua’s people who were killed before are all tossing now.
stupid? Who is stupid, when you shoot, the Communist Party knows that you have to do it, everyone is playing all day, playing all generations.
Son, do you know that Meng protects illegitimate children, holds national interests, and then you do it in Malaysia?
More loans, Ma Du publicly said that it is money laundering, where to go, and went to the thieves’ illegitimate children.
A Malaysia is hundreds of billions, and 200 is the world's number of countries.
Meng Jianzhu's original words told me that good friend Saudi Prince, Malaysia, Philippine I 100% control, more arrogant
Ah, dare to say this. People asked him how to treat Xi Jinping, I am the special envoy of Xi who represents him, I speak.
He has listened, never objected, once did not, always ask me, what advice do you build? Meaning
Ah, listen to me. He is one of the supervisors appointed by the South Putuo Conference.
Let's take a look, Meng Jianzhu speaks all in the party, an opening, 70-80% are – I am with Xi Jinping
Zhi,. . . . . Let’s push the front before, just like Shanghai’s Hainan’s ink-jet door. Let’s say that this is a habit.
Assets, HNA is a learner. You said that the Communist Party is a savvy, and the national name is the party.
You said that the robbers went to your house and took away your safe. The house was seized, and the children were kidnapped.
Then, I suddenly found a rotten sweet potato on your pot. He still wants to eat. Do you think it is possible? Take your gun at your house
The child robbed, telling you that this is mine, all the surnames of the party, the pro-female relatives did not kiss me, and then found the rotten red
I also hold the potato, is it possible? I will throw you away on one foot, and Hainan is a rotten sweet potato for him. right,
It's that simple.
I support everyone to splash ink, support everyone to break the news, but don't play with us, don't mess with us, don't transfer us
The sight of the material.
Is the thief ok to his children? On the surface, it’s not good, they give them money and power.
I thought this was love. He didn't know that the money was made by him. The relationship brought by his power was all about playing with him.
Child, all who want to go to bed with his daughter just want to get benefits, all with his son to go to bed, put the kidney
If you do it, you will get rid of it, just like Li Hongkuan’s wife, he will sleep with himself.
I am not jealous of you, you look up the Taoist family's theory of keeping fit.
The children of these officials are all ordinary people. This vaccine has no backstage. Can he play it?
Hey, who is the standing committee member of the Ministry of Health? Liu Yandong? What does the Politburo member do? No interest, you?
This vaccine is harmful to human life, and fake milk, you can shoot, give them rumors, make a big bang, is this okay?
If you are comrades who are chatting with Wengui here, don’t believe in cause and effect, don’t waste time, hurry up.
Dry up and go. I believe in cause and effect, that's why I finished real estate, the most successful time, I finished Yuda.
I left Henan immediately, I did not do it in Pangu, Zhengquan in Beijing. At that time, there were real estate developers, I want
I want to do it, based on my age, experience, IQ, financial strength, anything is better than them, but I know to play 5
Trillion, for whom to play, to the thieves to play.
You said that today's real estate developers who do not regret it, Xu Jiayin, you have a plane yacht, you play trillion, you play enough
Ball, you want to go back and go back, including the Yang boss of Country Garden, including the green space, can you go back? you
Can you spend one trillion in your life? This money is bank, ordinary people, don't you know? Know, you made,
800 is still not finished in life, isn't it easy to do this, do what you want, and want those vain money.
You look at Wang Jian, being killed, he really has the power to go, when you go to see Kailin’s interview, 3 times, interview
There was no rain at the time, you said that, the slap in the rain, the squatting down, not a bunch of cockroaches, left drop, right
A drop, like a person’s tears, today’s God of Heaven, Mr. Wang Jian, he absolutely hopes that Wen Gui, comrades-in-arms,
Hurry up, never want his wife, the recent two days with the thief of the thief, absolutely do not want domestic family
Being restricted from leaving the country and becoming a tool to threaten his wife and brother, he absolutely does not want his wife to give this information to
The thief thief absolutely does not want his wife to say nothing to change the interests. Because this is a continuation, next,
After this incident, Wang Jian’s wife, Wang Wei, Wang Zheng, and Wang Wenyu, were killed.
Wang Jian was thrown down and was killed. The Huagong gave us the Hong Kong team to say that someone saw him licking his neck.
Son, pouting, dragging his back, this Hu Shuli may be right, his foot hurts is Hu Shuli there.
Ah, no, you know you dragged his feet?
Wu Zheng is particularly good at French. There are a lot of relations in France. I am very familiar with Provence. We are preparing for Wu Zheng.
File a new lawsuit. Wang Jianzhi’s death is really convincing. I really don’t want to recite the scriptures. I don’t want to donate money. I believe Chen Feng can’t sleep.
Feeling, he is afraid, for so many years, he is there, you think about it, telling you to kill, you guys, 啥
For the sake of my belief in Buddhism, it turns out that my burning mother’s burning Buddha has influenced me so deeply, and that I know one.
After the Buddhist master, why are you going to be a monk, do you really think you can become a bodhisattva? Impossible, mix well
dead. I have asked a lot of monks, monks, no one thinks that they can become a Buddha, they want to mix and die,
Don't die, quietly die, this is the highest pursuit, and the worst person is doing it? he
Saying that murder, the second is the wife of a woman who has friends. The Communist Party is proud of this, so there is no future.
There are thousands of people who don’t bully the elderly, women, patients, people with disabilities, children, not weak, this
Does the party work in the sky, so he has no future.
So when you see these things reincarnation, you all understand that killing is terrible, Mr. Chen Feng, you guys.
And Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu, Sun Lijun, Fu Zhenghua kill so many people, if your children, family can get
Ok, then this is not called the world.
Cup water theory, you see the superhuman side of the animals on Twitter, there is a book in Japan, water can tell you
Case, you said to the water, hate, hate, the water is getting dark, you say that love it loves it, the water will crystallize. Buddha
Is a religion, not that human beings create it. In fact, Buddhism is philosophy, you are Buddha, Buddha tells you the truth.
Reason, everything is empty.
15-30 James
Is anything, you see today's live broadcast under certain conditions, give it to me black, it is not straight
broadcast. Plus 1000 degrees the earth has exploded, that is, nothing exists.
It’s what I used to say, that is the feeling of sputum and water. The Communist Party is a beggar. You put it in a clean place.
In the water, he will die. Must be placed in the squatting pit. But when you put 1000 degrees, this cup is full of water.
It’s gone, it’s gone. Under the relative conditions, you have to live in the Maoyin pit, we need to drink water, fish need
To stay in the water, the bird needs to stay in the forest. Under relative conditions,
After heat or certain conditions, it does not exist. But under this relative condition, it is chemical
react. This is very simple, if you eat carcinogenic substances every day, you have to get cancer, you eat nutrition every day.
The healthy substance you are healthy. This is the Communist Party. Everyday, it is a carcinogenic substance that feeds the people.
This is a fake vaccine, fake milk powder, fake chemical food, how can this society be better?
I know more about my wife and daughter. To be honest, people like Wengui have too many temptations on women.
There are too many, and that is often the heart. But I know that once I move my heart, it will be troublesome. You have received it
Hand? Big deal, you will be impulsive for an hour, don’t want anything, mess up, you’re done, you can
of? After an hour, how can you hold back this hour?
You hold back, you love yourself and admire yourself. You can't help this hour, it's a disaster.
Difficult, a big problem, even a crime. It’s that simple, so let’s see them playing women all day, taking their own
I have already played in, no matter how men and women are coming out of the woman’s body, why do you have fun?
Therefore, this prostitution in this Buddhist world is a major event, so the Communist Party is absolutely forbidden every day. so horrible
And only allow him to be lascivious and chaotic, not allowing you to even normal sex life. So you see Wang Qishan caught
People, all, all rape, all fornication. When you look at other people, they are all strong.
Rape, Guo Wengui, rapist! Rape Ma Rui. Zhou Yongkang caught up, fornication! Make plans, fornication! Order plan
Engage in a woman in the elevator, let the plan be in the elevator of the Great Hall of the People, the woman in the toilet, the chairman of the General Assembly Hall
In the VIP room behind the stage, a woman is engaged, CCTV is engaged in a woman, Hu Jintao’s special plane,
Called Jinfeng Group, flying the central leadership called Jinfeng Group Air China, Jinfeng Group, when the usual leadership does not fly, the flying head
Go to the cabin. Many people I know, the last of the Jinfeng group is the junior leader of the central leadership, basic
Sorry, the sisters of the Jinfeng group, I am sorry. Very beautiful, the beauty of the Jinfeng group, you say this
While serving Hu Jintao, there was a plan for the order, and it was carried out on a special plane. Finally, I got the town hall.
Going, returning to the house, then joining the party members, and returning to the Beijing account, are all the way.
Everyone heard what Liu Yanping told me, so that I planned to engage in a woman in the elevator and put the flight attendant of the Jinfeng group.
Hu Jintao’s VIP got Zhongnanhai and got the town hall because of his convenience. In the elevator
Dry, and in the VIP room, open this standing committee on the top, when the cloth behind is moving, don’t think
That is the wind, not the air conditioner, it is the plan, the director of the Central Office does this kind of thing.
So the comrades-in-arms are not as serious as you think. Yesterday, Henry’s brother said yes, everyone in Zhongnanhai
It is ordinary people. Just went to Pangu in the morning, 9979, thank you!
Therefore, the adultery party, the adultery party to Guo Wengui, nailed everyone to adultery, you see our domestic,
Some lawyers were arrested, all, all kinds of dirty crimes. Oops, terrible, terrible. So, yesterday
I said, when Cao Qing was good, Chen Shizhen, Hu’s director, or Wang Fuqing, including now
In this Wang Wenqing, this is the person of the Central Guard Bureau of the year, the guardian of the people. Are the days of Jiangjia
Under, can't run away.
So, yesterday’s live broadcast of this Henry brother, this is an epoch-making start, Luther made a big yesterday.
Good virtues, so that all the people in the party can see, more people, I hope that people in Zhongnanhai can come out and broke the news.
Now people in any system can come out and break the news. They are all big virtues. According to the Buddhists, they have become Buddhas. as long as
You have done this great merit today, you have done this great deed, you will get the protection of the heavens, the Buddha.
All the past shackles will be written off. Come out and broke the news!
One more, the people in the system heard the story of Henry’s younger brother’s explosion in the South China Sea, and the next second will happen.
Nothing, no one can tell, and what happened in that second. Nor is it to say
To be earth-shattering, definitely not. I believe that the collapse of the Communist Party is definitely not a raging rumble.
Absolutely not. No, protest, absolutely not. Oh, it’s over, you can’t even hear it,
It is over. It’s over, it’s that simple!
All the compatriots in foreign countries, we are tens of millions overseas, and millions of people cannot return to China. What is the way?
I don’t want people to return home. Some people don’t return home for decades. Some people, their parents are at home, not
Now, you don't let people return home. The children of others do not let people return home, and the relatives of others do not let people return home.
Can you control the Communist Party? What legal basis do you have, what do you have to do this? I don't care.
Letter, God does not retribute.
So Zhongnan demon, Zhongnan blame, don't toss. Just your water, tell the truth, 14 billion people, each
Just take a spoon with your ears and take a spoonful. You will ruin your water in Zhongnanhai, and you will be in Zhongnankeng.
Point water. Take the spoon that digs your ear and you will be ruined. The common people have not rebelled you, the common people have raised their hands.
You are finished, crushing you.
The whole of China is controlled by the 100-odd or dozens of people. To be honest, Wengui’s live 180 million
People, don't 180 10,000 people, 80 10,000 people stand on Chang'an Street, Tiananmen Square, the Communist Party is over, you can
Shoot again? Can you shoot again? Don’t do it, just stand there, drink water, and call you long live the Communist Party.
Ok? One week, you are over. Don't use 180 10,000, let alone domestic, according to Liu Yanping, Guo
Wengui's video is every 4 billion times to 8 billion times of dissemination, we do not do the ordinary people, sleep at home!
Drive the train, fly the plane, go home and go to sleep! Sleeping for a week, it's over! The Zhongnan Pit has no water and no electricity.
They won't even change the light bulbs, they are those people. Men's even light bulbs will not change. Not to mention playing computer.
Everything is over.
People, don't be pitiful anymore, don't be sick again, fake milk, fake milk powder, fake melamine
Amine, fake medical, fake taro, fake food, fake political language, "the mother is not as good as the party, everything is surnamed
The party, everything belongs to the party." These devils are bound by the language, and they should liberate themselves.
This shows 900 multiplayer on the top, but at the very least, at the very least, we know now,
YouTube, as well as this live broadcast, I will drop this live broadcast number for you because the advertising fee is paid by him.
They stole it. Every time we broadcast live, you look at my background, look at the data in my background, you are on Google.
I will know it, all of them are above 100. I showed it last time, and you searched it out when you went up.
717 is definitely a revolution. Next we will show it. I am in a hurry now, I am waiting for the thieves.
I made a speech, what the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spoke, France’s speech, re-evaluation of the case, determined to be myself
The photo was dead, and then there was a witness out of the video. Wang Jian’s wife came out to speak again, Wang Wei was speaking out, even
Suddenly came out of Wang Jian’s suicide note, Wang Jian’s suicide, Wang Jian’s suicide note is ready, then CCTV
Taiwan finds a few people to come out to do the video, you quickly shot, you don't shoot, I am in a hurry, I am in a hurry.
My comrades-in-arms, I said, let’s treat Wang Jian’s case, that is, take the county in Yanggu County, Gan County, and use video to match it.
咱Use video to match.
Mr. Wang Jian is definitely awakening Chinese entrepreneurs, no matter how many grassroots you have, how many officials, what Zhang Wan
Spring, what Wang Baoan, what Yue Wenhai, or what Zhou Yongkang, make plans, that have to go in, say that they are completely destroyed. You see orders
The house is full of plagiarism, so that the nephew of the family is now hiding in Singapore. You see that the order is completed, and you will be destroyed sooner or later.
When I was with Liu Yanping in London, I had recordings, videos, and I would release them someday.
Liu Yanping gave me a sentence. If anyone can get the order back, it is the first hero of the country.
To give you Jinshan Yinshan, this is Liu Yanping's original words.
So how can they let them go, you think, you take the American passport, you take the American green card,
You play golf, you can escape for a few years, I tell you, absolutely not, let the family, innocent and innocent
Innocent, let the plan wait for people to catch up, feel that they have nothing, and finally you can't kill you.
A week ago, they told me that they had to take Li Yuanchao's two rules and have not received the news yet. Not you can't, only
You live and die, you don't come out to talk, you don't come out, you don't fight with them, as long as this system saves
No one is safe, no one has a future!
"We love your show, you are free." Yes, I deal with Americans all day, any of mine.
A penny, isn't it, if it's not clean, it's all subject to legal sanctions, right?
I don't show up, I don't want to show off, I just let the thieves know that Guo Wengui won't beat everyone like you.
Your Majesty, the money is stripped, there is no food to eat, no water to drink, and the spirit is wilting waiting for you to torture, no! I just
Prove to the thief of the country, Guo Wengui's ability and wisdom! And clean, and justice! Can definitely challenge you
of! Not like everyone in your Zhongnankeng,
So dirty, so evil, so despicable, so can't see the sun, I Guo Wengui all
It’s just to prove to you, to be able to make clean money, to be able to say with confidence, I am a clean person,
I dare to say confidently to all my comrades and the Chinese people that I can live with dignity and enjoy my own labor.
If this is the case! Howling is it? I am not calling it, I am a challenge!
I challenge the thief! I want the thieves to know that not everyone can only live with crime, not
Everyone can tell a lie to live, not everyone, deceive others to be alive, not every
Personal, look at your face every day to be alive, not everyone, you can live with your feet
Guo Wengui is not! I will not let the Chinese in the future! Take our future, take our money,
Take our safety,
Also take our dignity and die according to the path you set! Go to failure, compromise, thief
We, why are you? ! As for your deputy, just your enthusiasm, what are you doing?
thing! As far as your IQ, your emotional intelligence, you are not as good as your dear, you are looking for death, God is going to destroy you.
All of us are at the party, everything is called the party, this is the three sets of shackles on your neck, the people will give
You are liquidating. What I want to prove is my ability. What I want to prove is my virtue!
Give me one ,Please! I want to that one, please. I am so tired.
It’s a bit hard to talk about.
The thieves, where are your butters? It’s all cheated, this is definitely true. You are all fake
of. I was excited when I said it.
This, the first two days, there are blasphemy on this, there are five hairs, we have found out several, you
Where, like Li Hongkuan, when you walk and see, what kind of results will you have, let’s walk and see, and
Hong Kong, who registered 911 in Guo Media, in Shanghai, in Hong Kong, Sun Lijun
Soldier, let's walk and watch! I am Guo Wengui in this life, I will not forget a person who helped me, and will not let
Have a person who has hurt me! remember!
Oh, I was just excited.
Yesterday, Henry’s brother said that the criticism was right. Wengui, sometimes speaking too much! Get it on 100%!
120%! I am excited when I say it, I accept, Henry brother. This is my fault, absolutely changed!
30 - Last Roberts
I think this is still a low level of education, and the rivers and lakes are too heavy. This is my fault, emotional. Speaking
Fully said, 100% to 200%, it is really a problem. Not only Henry, you said, my wife is old.
Say me, often say, "Hey, squatting, squatting! Don't say one hundred, two hundred!"
To say, my wife is a very good person. It is really that I have no wife. I have more problems. and so
Said Henry, my brother, accept your criticism, accept criticism, accept criticism. Henry brother is very willing to talk.
Yesterday, there was a person who revealed to me Guo Baosheng. This person had a phone call with me and made a phone call with me.
How did Guo Baosheng lie in the past, how to get it, how to marry. Oh, I am disgusted. False priest, false religion.
Then what is now, this pseudo, the pseudo. I really don’t need to waste time, who are you angry with,
The bad guy told me to solve it by me. I use the law to solve it. My own team of lawyers, definitely the United States
the best. Then the law firm, the best in the United States. You said that you are going to fight a lawsuit for ten million dollars.
It is. Ten million dollars is enough, what's the matter, I have a few planes flying less, no problem.
Yesterday, I was with a comrade, supporting my comrades, a very good gentleman, also cheated by Guo Baosheng.
Money, cheated hundreds of thousands of dollars. I told him, beg him, and don't pay a penny by the explosives. otherwise
I am anxious with him, I have nothing to do with him. Never put the safety of your comrades, employees, and family.
Come to the news. I beg all the comrades, no one of you should spend a penny for the essay, don't
In order to let the family and colleagues and themselves have any security risks, you will not be worthy of being my comrade.
I also don't accept such comrades.
"You have legal weapons, but Laozi is soft" (may be reading netizens), not we are compassionate
What are you? This Li Hong section, he is also a person, he is also the body of human flesh. Li Hong has said that he is good,
Support 咱 broke the news. To be honest, what about 500? Besides, you said that he really gave me five hundred
Wan, he said to him tomorrow, Lao Guo, I sold the house to you five million. Do you say that you want to be heartbroken? is not it?
He still has a child. Although he is not good for the child, the child sees him and sees the ghost. If Li Hong pays him
Apologize tomorrow, publicly apologize, he apologizes, I can consider various ways.
In this way, people, no need. The purpose of 咱 is not to deal with Li Hong’s money, nor for him, nor for
Wei Shi, not against Chen Jun, is against the Communist Party. Is it useful? Are they all dead and useful?
The Communist Party is still there. He can't wait, isn't he? Forget it, what brothers and sisters, Chinese?
Oh, the biggest problem, I have seen all foreign politicians, entrepreneurs, and I have seen all human beings these years.
Anyone of a friend's elite is a result.
The Chinese are the most embarrassing to human beings. In history, they are the most embarrassing to their own people. Place
To say that comrades-in-arms, we must not be like that, everyone must change it. He is wrong, he is not right. You said
He is jealous of my mother every day, my daughter, can I be happy? But I said that he is doing evil himself. Follow this
A Taoist said, you are a mother, your next life is your mother. Or your mother will go to sleep, that much
Sad! is not it? Your wife and children are sleepy, how sad! This is the punishment of God for you. Everything
Well, look at the dog, Zian is coming out in various videos, a bird, a duck is saved and knows it.
Yep. A fish, released fish, more than ten years later, Amitabha, the fish swim back and climb to the shore to get close to you.
So Li Hong's money is a rumor! Think of that Weishi, Sino, you see that.
You see Weishi in life, you see Sino, you can't imagine, that is full of 龌龊, 猥
petty. Oh, that's true. He is evil, and there are too many lies. You see Boxun, all in
That is a bad thing, isn't it? So Li Hong, including now, I don’t say the name now, several
In the case, the judge said that he lost 100%. Ah, I don’t say 100%, he is sure.
lose. . . . . But I said this fine, the key is to punish him.
Let him know that it is a bad thing. Everyone’s comrades must remember that all Chinese who are overseas, including Yuan Hong
Mr. Bing, including Mr. Xiang Lin, you include this Mr. Lai Jianping, you include this Yellow River, all are shared
If the party is not able to return home, it will not return. I can go home, I can go back freely, who is going to go against your government, is it not?
Yes? Isn't that all forced? If you have no food overseas, look at the Li Hong section and the dog with the tail.
If he hides in Tibet, he can't even pick up a subpoena, isn't he?
Engage in marriage enlightenment everywhere, deceiving women's money. If you look at this lawsuit, you haven’t finished it yet.
It is. The earliest Tang Boqiao, every day, how much do you say that, the organization of all mankind, the space party
After the establishment, I have no family living today. I have no room to live tomorrow. What happened? How bad you look! so
Don't have so much hate, don't have so much hate. Why is this saying that I said this, if the Communist Party
Abandoning and continuing to kidnap the Chinese people, everyone in the Communist Party should be pardoned.
Including Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu, Fu Zhenghua, and Sun Lijun, all should be made to blame him. He is, after all, he is
Within this evil system, doing these things is also a victim. It is the perpetrator and the victim.
The fundamental problem in China is to destroy the Communist Party and destroy it. This system is not dead, everything is not
Use, are private hatred and private hate.
Let’s talk about it today. The key is Henry’s brother’s news about the bodyguards of Zhongnanhai. I hope that China’s Zhongnanhai will be even more
Many people, service offices, management offices, and now there is also a political department, that is, the General Staff Security Bureau, the Central Police.
The Guard Bureau and the 9 Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, collectively referred to as the Central Guard Bureau, including the Central Office, hope that they will all come out. Save yourself
The future, save your family. This is the most critical. It’s not a joke. Think about seeing me behind this
Life, the free world.
In this world, there is only peace. There is only one space where there is faith, freedom of belief, and religion.
A happy and happy society can make everyone the safest. It’s not a thief’s temptation to engage in scams every day.
If you are selfish, it is impossible to have a good life.
Another one of us, I hope that this Henry brother’s broke the news so that everyone can see the system of the thieves.
This kind of madness, up to the annihilation of conscience; the other is that we pass the Li Hong section of this matter, we must see
Do not violate the law in the United States. Li Hong’s money is in this piece, and he has succeeded in defrauding these years.
One success, a dozen lawsuits deceived people, and succeeded. Chinese people are bullying, afraid of hard, see
Li Hong’s money was pulled down. How many lawsuits were cheated.
Li Hong’s lawsuit, he was deceived and had to give him money. Then this time he met Guo Wengui, absolutely not
can. Don't be evil, you Guo Baosheng. Looking at Guo Baosheng, you lied to this money, I tell you, you even
The coffin boards are too late. After all the lawyers have finished it for you, you are 100%, a few percent, and you
Absolute fraud. (Play your own face) I will never say how much in the future. Everyone corrects me.
Then, dear comrades, I hope that Wang Jian’s wife, Wang Jian’s family, should not confess, you are best.
The safety is that you stay in the United States, and Europe does not go. Let it be, don't blend with them. Don't say nothing
You can do it, but don't be hurt. This is not easy. Did you see Mr. Wang Jian’s tears? Heavenly 啪
It’s okay.
Then all the other comrades will see that the revolutionary revolution is succeeding and is succeeding. I
Our purpose is to overthrow this system. Ok, today we will be broadcast live here.
Dear comrades, we are ten seconds, close your eyes, let’s all mourn here, pray,
Or it’s a chanting, I want to apply for God, I hope that we Chinese have religious freedom, space for faith,
Ok? . I hope that those who believe in Christianity in China, those who believe in Buddhism, those who believe in Muslims will no longer be subject to him.
They are maimed. Tibetans in Xinjiang are not so maimed. I hope more people will be free, happy, 咱
Let's mourn together, then let's get started.
(double number, close eyes)
First, please God God, Bodhisattva, Jesus, Muhammad, God of Heaven, all the gods of heaven, I
The gods that human beings can admire, bless us Chinese people to have religious freedom as soon as possible, the empty space of faith
between. Let people who believe in Christianity, Muslimism, Buddhism and other religions be less affected in China, one less
Some pain, more joy and joy. Let the Chinese people enjoy the cool Faxi more, that is, religion.
Happy and joyful. Let the Chinese have more altruistic hearts and enjoy the human civilization and human peace.
I hope that the Chinese can be peaceful to the world, not expansion. Let the Chinese be safe and happy, with less fake
Miao, less fake chemical food, less harm from the Communist Party, as soon as possible to produce the Communist Party system, called
It left China and let the Chinese people in the world. Let the Chinese and the elderly get healthy and happy old age, and then
An Duo is old. Young people have more room for fairness. Young people can thrive. May all the people in China
Can enjoy a beautiful life in happiness and health.
My open eyes seems to hate good.
Dear comrades, thank you for your time, thank you!

So check

7 month 22 number. 2018's view on Zhongnanhai bodyguards broke the news! Prove that Zhongnan Pit, and their army are vulnerable! The whole country is a cruel fact that was kidnapped by a bunch of scammers!

Audio video text I don't want to rent ww to 30 07307 I am curious to say hello, thank you, thank you, thank you, this is an hour, he has to stop, Xiao Zhang Xiao Zhang, 2153 123, Saudi Arabia, continue to work, see tomorrow. Look at the live broadcast, I am one, still ww, not not a lot of people, you see that there is a group above...

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