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Wengui broke the news

7 month 22 number. 2018's view on Zhongnanhai bodyguards broke the news! Prove that Zhongnan Pit, and their army are vulnerable! The whole country is a cruel fact that was kidnapped by a bunch of scammers!

Audio video text I don't want to rent ww to 30 07307 I am curious to say hello, thank you, thank you, thank you, this is an hour, he has to stop, Xiao Zhang Xiao Zhang, 2153 123, Saudi Arabia, continue to work, see tomorrow. Look at the live broadcast, I am one, still ww, not a lot of people, you see that there is a group above, and that one has been hacked and hacked. 21 is not that he is going to stop for an hour. 90604 is too long. Thank you, 3087, thank you 1797, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, so the price has taken over. It will tell him that it is Zhongnanhai. There are still some cases in this system. Let’s not think about it. Sex scandal, you are very tired yesterday, everyone is concerned about this person's travel problem, playing with women in their lives, the card will not be counted. You told me about it yesterday. I especially admire this. It seems that Wang Jian’s being photographed is being murdered and killed. He won’t do anything so rough and stupid. I think thinking about ideal thinking. He said that this core point is not to say that Mr. Wang Jian is dead today. He feels that he does not think that this thing is not known. He is not famous for the daily killing of Xinjiang’s Tibetan opponents. The person who kills people or the person who is used like Rongrong has gone too often. He is stupid. He never dreamed of coming out. Guo Wengui is more realistic with him. This is a small piece made of powder. I admire it. It is not so god-like. Those reasons are not so many so-called high-level reasons are as simple as this is so simple, so dear comrades, his physique makes him crazy but you can’t imagine it. So these two days, indeed, the domestic politics has changed. Very big change, some words, I can’t say now, I can feel it...

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2018 7 month 22 number. Other details behind Wang Jian’s being killed! And why Li Hongkuan lost the lawsuit!

Audio video text Dear comrades are good, this is 7 month 22 number, Wengui is on board, to comrades, when you eat breakfast, report live broadcast. Look at how the sound is (Mr. Guo Wengui adjusts the microphone). Damn! Today is 7 month 22 number, 7 month 22 number, this is expensive, here, oh, last night was particularly exciting, especially excited, this last night did not sleep. But very excited and very excited. This, last night, mainly because there was too much excitement before last night, especially watching, Mr. Luther’s yesterday, interviewing Henry’s brother, Henry’s brother. Now this little brother can't help it. These little brothers can't help, this is! This one, one little brother, John Little Brother, Linghu little brother, ah, Henry little brother, ah, this guy, no, David brother, when is a Marley sister, ah, horse Li sister. Yesterday evening, many of our investors contacted me. This is about the Country Garden and Country Garden. It’s really a problem. There is also a Li Yuanchao, saying that Li Yuanchao has been double-regulated, ah, lively and extraordinary, lively and extraordinary. Hey, hey, I can see me here, the phase is very good (Mr. Guo adjusts the screen), this guy I look at myself, it is a bit too handsome, I am embarrassed to see myself. Hey, don't spit, just kidding. So, this, last night was quite lively, quite lively, quite lively. So, last night, this, last night, this call, more is economic, financial, Li Yuanchao, this is really a big thing, big things, this Country Garden I have said, you go to Malaysia You are working with Meng Jianzhu. This Mr. Yang is actually a good boss. The boss of these real estate developers is more eloquent, and also speaks morally. The heart is in the sky. It is really the boss of Yang. Yang boss, his daughter is also a good person. His daughter is very nice. But he has no way to go this way. You have only one ending in the Maoist pit of the Communist Party. There is no choice. So, dear comrades, Country Garden, this fall, he is not talking about the problem of one trillion, he has a problem with the entire Chinese real estate chain. Now this currency, a sharp depreciation, has offset the entire loss brought about by the US trade. This is to drink and quench the thirst. It is not possible to solve the problem fundamentally. You tell me what industry in China really creates wealth. I said in the video very early, what industry creates wealth, everyone thinks, industry? Agriculture? Technology? financial? No, no, no. China only has progress in aerospace, but now it has progressed, but it takes a while for him to develop into wealth. That is not a joke. Then you say the stock market, the stock market is not even more. Isn't China's stock market people described? Foreign stock markets are investments. Then, in other countries, the stock market is gambling. You are in China, that is, the stock market. Oh, you lose your body and you lose money. In the end, it’s not good, or it’s a fate. Get AIDS. Of course, it does not include the Standing Committee of Zhongnankeng. People don't, people check their health in advance. Everyone is looking for a virgin. So yes, this one, this is not the same. So ah comrades. So, comrades, now, this thief, this thief, crazy. Deceit, arrogant. arrogant. It’s really what I found out, many of us really don’t know! Everyone has a feeling that they are not specific and are not specific. This real estate agent, ah, real estate business. What are you playing? What is the real estate business to play with? 48% to 55%, all pay taxes to the state. Taxes and fees. Then the real estate agent left 20% to...

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