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The beginning of the speech: Let every ordinary person utter their own cry, and say out loud, "The right way is right, the Marx will die, democracy and legal system, China's trend!"

Audio Video Text Dear comrades today is Mr. Guo Wengui’s broke the news. The voice of the comrades is 5. My brother opened a new chapter in 717 and broke the news. Let’s really get closer to the Himalayan poetry and just finished. The news of Zhongnanhai bodyguards has pushed the younger brother's main attack to a new level. Everything is just beginning. The Himalayas have the freedom we want. Let us first pray for the dear benefactor. We are full of satisfaction and praise. You ask your family to establish Guo Wengui Luther and other younger brothers of justice. Your love is firm and their faith. All of us who love you are asking you to ask Lin to accompany them. The road ahead of Satan’s attack is not flat but famous. Pampering justice must be like winning the Lord. You are trying to reverse the Chinese people's thinking mode. Remember the concept and thoughts of the Communist Red. The Qingyuan makes the heavens of Christ come to the mainland. Everyone can make the cup honest and trustworthy in front of the Lord Jesus. The name of the Lord Jesus Christ's victory declares that the communist evil spirits are far from all people in China and all Chinese are free. Our prayers above are the holy name of our Lord Jesus. Amen, thank you, now let us have our host, a sister, a salsa, you are a good Mr. Luther, good comrades, I am a literary comrade Let the 5 Dude set live speech immediately start Mr. Guo Wengui 717 broke the 1 gun vibration of the fixed-point blasting. 16 asked in the land of China. The Chinese people angered the eyes of Sakurai’s thieves and angered Huang Jing’s death. ...

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