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7 month 22 number. 2018's view on Zhongnanhai bodyguards broke the news! Prove that Zhongnan Pit, and their army are vulnerable! The whole country is a cruel fact that was kidnapped by a bunch of scammers!

Audio video text I don't want to rent ww to 30 07307 I am curious to say hello, thank you, thank you, thank you, this is an hour, he has to stop, Xiao Zhang Xiao Zhang, 2153 123, Saudi Arabia, continue to work, see tomorrow. Look at the live broadcast, I am one, still ww, not a lot of people, you see that there is a group above, and that one has been hacked and hacked. 21 is not that he is going to stop for an hour. 90604 is too long. Thank you, 3087, thank you 1797, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, so the price has taken over. It will tell him that it is Zhongnanhai. There are still some cases in this system. Let’s not think about it. Sex scandal, you are very tired yesterday, everyone is concerned about this person's travel problem, playing with women in their lives, the card will not be counted. You told me about it yesterday. I especially admire this. It seems that Wang Jian’s being photographed is being murdered and killed. He won’t do anything so rough and stupid. I think thinking about ideal thinking. He said that this core point is not to say that Mr. Wang Jian is dead today. He feels that he does not think that this thing is not known. He is not famous for the daily killing of Xinjiang’s Tibetan opponents. The person who kills people or the person who is used like Rongrong has gone too often. He is stupid. He never dreamed of coming out. Guo Wengui is more realistic with him. This is a small piece made of powder. I admire it. It is not so god-like. Those reasons are not so many so-called high-level reasons are as simple as this is so simple, so dear comrades, his physique makes him crazy but you can’t imagine it. So these two days, indeed, the domestic politics has changed. Very big change, some words, I can’t say now, I can feel it...

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Cui Yongyuan broke the news and was told to kill you! "Twitter is shocking" the mail door "shows the shocking rounding of Guo Wengui's big net! Little brother talks about political affairs 6 month 6 day

The audio and video text comrades had no time to explain that they had to go to the car first and then said that the giants had lost this dog and men. Because Liu Zhenyun and Feng Xiaogang had to shoot this mobile phone 2 and took this Cui Yongyuan’s mobile phone to bring him this scar. So Cui Yongyuan This incident of anger and anger in this fish film circle yin and yang contract recently said that she had received the danger of death. It can be said that he was again threatened with death and threatened to see him say that this pair of dogs and men 2000 received this pair of dogs and men. The so-called 7.51 contract is how many times Cui Yongyuan broke out the yin and yang contract the day before. I went to this Liu Zheng and my good friend. I repeated 1 and I arranged the emphasis on it. Fan Bingbing came out and hit the gun. You want a contract, I want an English contract. Actually, your actor doesn't hurry. You don't think I want to express this hand. It's not for the convenience of my own contract. It's a willingness to fight. You are willing to sign with us other bystanders. I think that the visa of the contract is probably but I designed it in the afternoon and I really have to listen to the 62 that year.

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After Trump saw Kim Jong-un's letter, the "Chuanjin Club" was held as scheduled. Cui Yongyuan broke the news that "the size of the contract" inside Fan Bingbing became cannon fodder. Xiao Ge talked about political affairs 6 month 2 day

Audio and video text Hello everyone, welcome to the younger brother to talk about political affairs. These days, I have been saying that I have not paid attention to my love. The North Korean TV series is the strongest 80 of North Korea and the sudden love of an American old man’s love and hate. You have updated several episodes and there is still a major progress. That is, this Trump announced the legendary offer of 12. Today, it’s also sorting out the news to armor to the little fat man. But it’s really a skill. You see this world has recently turned around and one by one. The last book said that this Trump person can't stand the three fat tricks. He didn't make a speech. He wrote a letter to the long-term saying that I want to cancel. You can meet again. Why are you not allowed to play this game? I think you are It’s good to play, let’s say that our North Korea is willing to talk to you at any time and in any way. In the heart of the direct, it’s true that this American is not what he wants. He also thinks if he is sick. Trump has already built a fort in front of this American people. Is it a ticket? So, this Trump is also happy to accept the gold-plated meeting after such a small episode. The exchange and the progress of the so-called problematic development of a while suddenly began to accelerate. This is the third fat in the Panmunjom, where the DPRK has talked with Wen Zai in this meeting. At this meeting, the three fats are to love the empty space in the Sichuan The predecessor’s life is also to say that my own concern is that if I am fully fit, how can I guarantee that...

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2017 4, 29, released Guo Wengui's thank you video of 13,14,15

2017 4 Month 29 Day released Guo Wengui thank 13 for the video of 1 Wanyou, to the Beijing Central Organization Department, the Ministry of Public Security sent to the United States to bring Guo back to the team. How is 2 and HNA’s 600 billion dollars overseas? 3, Mr. Chen Feng and Mr. Wang Jian are sorry, I hope to see our relationship with Buddhist thoughts. 1 video 1 text 1 2017 4 month 29 day release Wengui push friends over 140,000 thanks video friends 14 Wan's thanks video: Wengui's view on the video of the rape of the beautiful female employee; Wengui did not break the news; Guan officials played with the female star. Audio 2 Video 2 Text 2 2017 Year 4 Month 29 Day Release Guo Wengui Push Friends Pay Attention to 15 Wan Thanks for the video. Please don’t worry about all the official entertainment friends who are infected with the official! Please e-lease, Pan Asia friends to send useful information! Audio 3 Video 3 Text 3

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